"I recently took advantage of the leadership workshops and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Marta is extremely professional, competent and committed."

- Gemma Macias - Manager BASF Services Europe -

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I'm passionate about Leadership, Agility & Growth and it's impact on Team Synergies & Performance. It happens that I am now an expert on these topics and deliver lasting impact Trainings & facilitate inspiring Workshops

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Control of our lives and work is merely an illusion. Not only is the world constantly evolving and full of uncertainty, but we are too! It's often our fears, self-beliefs, or egos that hold us back from seizing the opportunities around us. But here's the secret: you hold the power to shape your response to life's unpredictable moments. That's why being open to the environment, deeply understanding others, and knowing ourselves are crucial.

Why Improvspection

Cäcilia Sauer -Manager B2R - BASF

In fact, it was mentioned positively several times at the joint team event and in the review of the team days!

So a few notes: It was fun; The format was great, the games were never overwrought; You get to know the team in a different way; You with your energy were impressive; It is also recommended for other teams.

In any case, I have to say a huge thank you! It was a really enriching workshop and a great start!

Vanessa Jil Prätorius - Team Lead B2R - BASF

The training was really great! I am a bit tired now too but super motivated. And feel inspired. You made it super interactive and used the MIRO board well. I will definitely use the "Moving Motivators" as well. It was noticeable how much fun you had with the topic, which is also very important when facilitating a training.

Anthony Mackliff -Tiktok

She has helped me a lot! We started working together  at a time when I was starting a project and her advice and wisdom helped me to move up a level! Above all, she helped me to improve my communication and organisational skills as well as helping me to get to know myself better and to orientate myself personally. A total "game changer"!

"With my leadership experience, I understand the challenges faced by individuals in leadership positions and tailor my programs to address these specific needs"

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