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Me in short

"I'm passionate about Leadership, Agility & Growth and it's impact on Team Synergies & Performance. It happens that I am now an expert on these topics and deliver lasting impact Trainings & facilitate inspiring Workshops"

"With my leadership experience, I understand the challenges faced by individuals in leadership positions and tailor my programs to address these specific needs"

"My experience in improvisation theater sets the tone for my chosen methodologies and enhances my ability to adapt."

What I teach, I have learnt first-hand through my own experiences

✔ 8 years of leadership experience with teams of up to 26 people

✔ Successful management of international projects (Europe-Asia-America))

✔ Lead of restructuring measures and development plans for departments with up to 240 employees

✔ Conducted over 150 interviews

✔ Participation in over 20 leadership trainings

✔ Over 10 years of experience in improvisational theatre

✔ Fluent in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, Catalan

Nice to meet you

Hola! I am Marta Puig!

Throughout my years of leading diverse teams at BASF, I've come to a crucial realization: my own growth is inextricably linked to the growth of those around me. What does this mean? Well, I've learned from every interaction with my team, and without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Let's be honest. As a manager, the ultimate goal is to achieve better results. However, when I initially took on this position, I was reminded of one fundamental aspect: "You will need to manage people."

Managing people! Managing people became my motivation. I became curious about what it takes to empower a team to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Unconsciously, my focus shifted towards the individuals within the team and I was dedicated to their professional and personal growth. By investing in the growth of my team members, I gained invaluable returns. I experienced personal and professional growth, while the team consistently delivered better and better results.

With my experience in supporting the professional development of numerous team members, leading online teams, and thriving in high-changing environments, I possess a deep understanding of the obstacles leaders encounter and how to overcome them.

My background in improvisation theater adds a fresh and dynamic element to the training sessions and also helps to develop a mindset of comfort with uncertainty, increasing the awareness of the present moment, and fostering creativity and innovation which allows me to create tailored and adapted content . 

Combining practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and improvisation skills, I offer a unique and impactful training and coaching experience.

Let's embark on a transformative journey together.

Why Improvspection

Control of our lives and work is merely an illusion. Not only is the world constantly evolving and full of uncertainty, but we are too! It's often our fears, self-beliefs, or egos that hold us back from seizing the opportunities around us. But here's the secret: you hold the power to shape your response to life's unpredictable moments. That's why being open to the environment, deeply understanding others, and knowing ourselves are crucial.

This is the essence of Improvspection – a fusion of improvisation and introspection.

In an ever-changing world, improvisation is your secret weapon. It's not just quick thinking; it's the art of gracefully adapting to life's uncertainties. Think of it like this: improv actors handle unpredictable scripts with confidence, intelligence, and calmness. These skills aren't limited to the stage – they're real-life superpowers.

Introspection, a mindfulness technique, heightens awareness of your core needs and challenges your thoughts through inner dialogue. Aligning your feelings, thoughts, and actions creates meaningful connections and fosters success in your personal and professional life.

In summary, with Improvspection you can unlock your potential and enhance your growth, building on three fundamental principles: adaptation, critical thinking, collaboration.


My Mindset


Maximizing your impact in minimal time - your success, my commitment. Join me for sessions that will inspire


I bring my openness and adaptability to each session, ensuring that every session is a one-of-a-kind journey of growth and inspiration

Make your partner look good

Nurturing an environment of growth where you can confidently push your limits, experience personal development and always feel secure. Let's grow together


Each session will be a fun-filled experience, with positive energy and opportunities to try new things and create positive synergies and dynamics!


With my full presence in each moment, I'll expertly steer each session to reach its highest potential and make a lasting impact


My goal is to assist individuals and organizations in their unique growth journey, delivering added value


I am dedicated to find the right solution for you, always keeping in mind what the situation, business, and individual needs

My background

books on ground
books on ground

4xLeadership Journey 2016, 2018 , 2019 & 2023

Stress management Training 2023

Empathy Seminar 2023

Train the Trainer 2015 & 2023

Non Violent Communication (NVC) Training 2023

Psychological Safety & Team Cohesion Training 2023

Professional Scrum Master Certificate(PSM I) 2022

Agile - Scrum Master and Product Owner Training 2021-2022

Teaming, Conflicts & Listening 2022

Conflict Management 2022

Open Election & Consent Moderation Training 2022

Leadership as a Coach Training 2021

Coaching in Change Training 2021

Change management Training 2021

Insight Discovery Training 2019

Discussion & Argumentation Training 2015

IONen Improvisationstheater Berlin n.e.V; Impro Super Cup; BerlinESimpro; Klubbekanschaften; Bühnenrausch; Varia Vineta; Play and Work

Berlin, Since 2015

red theater curtain
red theater curtain

Jörg Zander; Roland Trescher; Lee White; Maydays; BerlinESimpro; Scratch Theater; Hoopla, Jacob Benigan, Claudia Stump

Berlin & UK, Since 2010

Erasmus Programm - Business Administration in German

Basel, 2008

Graduated in Business Administration in Catalan, Spanish & English

Barcelona, 2004 - 2008

Nancy Tuñón 2005- 2008

Step by Step 2000 - 2004

Training & Certificates

University of Basel

University Pompeu Fabra

Regular Improv Theater Shows

Several Improv Theater Workshops

Dramatic Arts

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